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Program: For those of you who wish to book your flights to and from Puerto Varas, the Symposium will finish at 1400 hrs on Friday 24th March.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • 10th  Feb 2017: Last day for submission of poster abstracts: https://iaus332.physics.unsw.edu.au/registration/abstract-submission/

=====OLDER NEWS==========================================

  • 10th February 2017: Submission of abstracts for poster contributions. Please note that Poster space is limited, and we can only guarantee space for poster contribution submitted before 10th  February (subject of course to SOC acceptance of the contribution), due to organizational constraints.

12/12/2016: Do not forget to submit your abstract for a talk. Deadline 15th December.

30/11/2016: The deadline for the Early Registration have been extended to 15th January 2017.

17/11/2016: There are still rooms available at the discounted conference rates in all selected hotels, albeit in limited numbers in some of them. We encourage you to book those rooms without delay, to benefit from the discounted rate in the hotel of your choice. Pending availability, early booking will remain open until the November 30. Please remember that, at the time of booking, the hotels will ask you for credit card information as a guarantee, but actual payment will only take place much later, as a rule at the time of the conference. Please book early to assure your discount. Also be aware that March is still high season in Puerto Varas, and so accommodation of all types will sell out quickly. please check our accommodation page for the latest information on booking your hotel to get the early booking discount.

About this symposium

The study of astrochemistry has become an important branch of modern astronomy and astrophysics. Molecules are key tools in exploring topics such as star and planet formation, mass loss mechanisms in late-type stars, the origin and evolution of interstellar dust grains, the structure of the interstellar medium in galaxies and the origin of protogalaxies in the early Universe.

The active synergy between astronomical observation, laboratory experiment and theoretical modelling has been reinforced at the recent IAU General Assembly (Hawaii 2015) by the creation of a new IAU Commission (B5) on Laboratory Astrophysics, of which laboratory astrochemistry is an essential component.

This meeting is the seventh in a series addressing the broad and fast-moving discipline of astrochemistry. The most recent meeting in this series, IAUS280: The Molecular Universe, was held in Toledo, Spain, in 2011. The meetings held prior to that can be viewed on the history section of the IAUS280 website.

So, we would like to invite you to this 7th meeting on astrochemistry in beautiful Puerto Varas, Chile, to discuss the fantastic opportunities we have for future directions in research by bringing together observers, modellers, theorists and laboratory astrochemists.


Invited Speakers

Kathrin Altwegg | Arnaud Belloche | Simon Casassus | L. Ilsedore  Cleeves | Herma Cuppen | Leen Decin | Nanase Harada | Suzanne Madden | Nikku (Madhu)   Madhusudhan | Stefanie N. Milam | Sergio Pilling | Ian Sims |  Jonathan Tan | Ewine van Dishoeck | Satoshi Yamamoto


Scientific Organising Committee

SOC Co-Chairs: T J Millar (Belfast, UK) | E A Bergin (Ann Arbor, USA)

SOC Members: Aalto S, Gothenburg, Sweden | Aikawa Y, Tsukuba, Japan | Bean J, Chicago, USA | Bockelee-Morvan D, Meudon, France | Caselli P, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany | Cox P, ALMA, Chile | Cunningham M, Sydney, Australia | Jorgensen J, Copenhagen, Denmark | Kwok S, Hong Kong, China |
Salama F, Mountain View, USA | Schlemmer S, Cologne, Germany | Yamamoto S, Tokyo, Japan


Local Organising Committee

LOC Chair: Gautier Mathys (ALMA / ESO, Chile)
LOC Members: Natalia Inostroza (Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile) | Diego Mardones (Universidad de Chile, Chile) | Sergio Martin (ALMA, Chile) | Lars Nyman (ALMA, Chile) | Ann Edmunds (ALMA, Chile)| María Eugenia Gómez (ESO, Chile) | Paulina Jirón (ESO, Chile)| Ursula Throm (ALMA, Chile)|     T. J. Millar (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) | M. R. Cunningham (UNSW, Australia)