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Legend: K = Keynote; I = invited; C = Contributed.

Monday 20th March 2017

09:00 Ewine van Dishoeck (K) Opening Address
09:40 Manuel Aravena (K) Atoms and molecules at high redshifts
10:20 Sergio Martin (C) Ultra-luminous Extragalactic Chemistry
11:10 Takashi Shimonishi (C) Observations of a hot molecular core in a low metallicity dwarf galaxy
11:30 Javier Goicoechea (C) The ALMA view of UV-irradiated molecular cloud edges: unexpected structures and processes
11:50 Nanase Harada (I) High-Temperature Chemistry in External Galaxies
12:20 LUNCH
14:00 Suzanne Madden (I) Low metallicity ISM: physical properties of the  gas and dust.
14:30 Jonathan Tan (K) Fire from Ice – Massive Star Birth from Infrared Dark Clouds
15:10 Gary Fuller (C) Tracing the Evolution of Massive Protostars
16:00 Yoko Oya (C) Chemical Change in the Disk Forming Region of IRAS 16293-2422 Studied with ALMA
16:20 Al Wootten (C) A Molecular Outflow-Prestellar Core   Interaction in L1689N
16:40 John Black (C) The excitation and emission spectrum of the hydrogen molecular ion
17:00 Harvey Liszt (C) The Molecular Inventory of Diffuse Clouds
17:20 Maryvonne Gerin (C) Barnard 1b : a template core for star formation and astrochemistry
17:40 Hans Zinnecker (C) Astrochemistry of light hydrides with SOFIA: some key examples
18:00 Reception  Immediately after end of session

Tuesday 21st March 2017

08:40 Herma Cuppen (I) Theoretical approaches to surface chemistry
09:10 Leen Decin (I) Molecule and dust formation in late-type stars
09:40 Thomas Henning (C) Dust Formation at Cryogenic Temperatures
10:00 Rob Garrod (C) Simulations of branched carbon-chain chemistry in star-forming regions.
10:20 Els Peeters (C) The photochemical evolution of the interstellar PAH family
11:10 Allan Cheung (C) Laboratory astrochemistry: catalytic reactions of organic molecules over olivine-type silicates and SiC
11:30 Arnaud Belloche (I) Exploring molecular complexity in the Galactic Center with ALMA
12:00 Merel van ’t Hoff (C) Imaging the water snowline in protostellar envelopes
12:20 LUNCH
14:00 Satoshi Yamamoto (K) Chemical tracers of dynamics in low-mass protostellar objects
14:40 Jes Jorgensen (C) Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey (PILS): ALMA insights into the complex chemistry of young stars
15:00 Pedro Garcia-Lario (C) Herschel Observations of Molecular Emission Lines in Low- and Intermediate-Mass Evolved Stars
15:20 Brett McGuire (C) Interstellar Reaction Screening via Microwave Spectral Taxonomy
16:10 Kenji Furuya (I) Isotopic fractionation in interstellar molecules
16:40 POSTERS (C)
18:20 Finish

Wednesday 22nd   March 2017

08:40 Kathrin Altwegg (K) Insights into astrochemistry – highlights from the Rosetta mission
09:20 Vianney Taquet (C) On the origin of O2, N2, and other volatile species in comets
09:40 Martin Cordiner (C) ALMA observations of Titan’s atmospheric chemistry and seasonal variation
10:00 Maria Drozdovskaya (C) The chemical connection between 67P/C-G and IRAS16293
10:20 Eva Wirstrom (C) Nitrogen fractionation in star-forming regions and primitive Solar System materials
11:10 Karin Oberg (C) Spatially resolved organic chemistry in protoplanetary disks
11:30 Ke Zhang (C) Unveiling the mid-plane temperature and mass distribution in the giant-planet formation zone
11:50 LUNCH
13:00 Tour

Thurs 23rd   March 2017

08:30 Ilse Cleeves (I) Zooming in on the Physics and Chemistry of Protoplanetary Disks with ALMA
09:00 Stefano Facchini (C) Different dust and gas radial extents in protoplanetary disks: consistent models of grain growth and CO emission
09:20 Catherine Walsh (C) ALMA detection of gas-phase methanol in a planet-forming disk
09:40 Melissa McClure (C) Measuring gas masses and carbon depletion in young disks
10:00 Simon Casassus (I) Dust in transition disks
10:30 Viviana Guzman (C) Nitrogen fractionation in protoplanetary disks from the H13CN/HC15N ratio
11:20 Ruud Visser (C) Models of nitrogen isotope fractionation in protoplanetary disks
11:40 Mark Hollands (C) Chemistry and evolution of the oldest white dwarf planetary systems
12:00 Mohamad Ali-Dib (C) What does the chemical composition of giant planets tells us about their formation?
12:20 LUNCH
14:00 Nikku Madhusudhan (I) Chemical Characterization of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
14:30 Stefanie Milam (I) JWST: The role of observing facilities in setting the agenda
15:00 Oscar Morata (I) ALMA Band 1 and astrochemistry
16:00 Pierre Cox (I) ALMA
16:30 ALMA (I)
17:30 POSTERS (C)
19:00 Finish
20:00 Conference Dinner

Friday 24th   March 2017

08:40 Sergio Pilling (K) Processing of interstellar ices by soft X-rays and swift ions
09:20 Susanna Widicus-Weaver (C) Laboratory measurements of methanol photolysis branching ratios to guide astrochemical models
09:40 Sean Ayling (C) Acetaldehyde and carbonaceous dust: surface science experiment and theory in the context of the interstellar medium
10:00 Ilsa Cooke (C) Photodestruction of astrophysically relevant ice species: a new laboratory survey at Lyman-alpha
10:20 Lisseth Gavilan (C) Synchrotron X-ray irradiation of N-rich organics: a new pathway to Deuterium enrichment in protoplanetary disks
11:10 Ian Sims (I) Gas phase studies of astrochemical importance
11:40 Chris Arumainayagam (C) Photochemistry and Radiation Chemistry of Cosmic Ice Analogs of Ammonia
12:00 Ewen Campbell (I) Electronic spectroscopy of fullerene ions and the diffuse interstellar bands
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 End Conference